neon oscilators ? and the Trautonium

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Wed Nov 24 20:18:07 CET 1999

At 9:28 PM +0000 11/23/99, Peter Blackett wrote:
>following on from the recent posta about the subject .
>anyone know where I might find more info on Neon oscilators and their
>design ?

This list??  :)

>[think they might be called relaxation oscilators ? ].

Neon tube oscillators are a type of relaxation oscillator.

>Be interested to know any advantages / disadvantages for use at Audio
>and LF frequencies . Didn't some early electronic instruments use them ?
>the Trautonium ? made by Telefunken

Yes, the Trautonium was a neon tube relaxation oscillator.  Tuning was
controlled by a resistive strip set up as a rheostat.  Closing the circuit
on different places along the strip produced different tones.  It could
produce approximations of a saw and pulse waveforms which were mixed to
create various timbres.

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