More tubes

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at
Wed Nov 24 18:20:16 CET 1999

Haible Juergen wrote:
>         >Patch cords are an issue I had not considered yet.
>         >Converting all of the inputs and outputs to lower voltages
>         >seems impractical to me,
> Wouldn't dividing outputs down by 1:5 be safe enough, and
> still hot enough to drive the next tube stage ? (Thinking of
> all these passive tone controls between the gain stages
> of guitar amps ...)
> JH.

Just a suggestion:  Burr Brown makes op-amps that can run around 100
volts - might be a good plug-n'-play solution if you just want to
attenuate outputs and amplify back up on the inputs.  Although adding
expensive/fancy op-amps to tube circuits may constitute some kind of
sacrilege...  ;-)


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