What happened to Gene Z.

Doug Tymofichuk dougt at cancerboard.ab.ca
Wed Nov 24 00:25:01 CET 1999

I am trying to send this to the list for the third time. 
Hopefully it will work this time. Sorry if this results in 
multiple posts!

For anyone who was wondering what became of Gene, here are 
a couple of e-mails:


How nice of you to remember me.  I have been curious about 
the Synth-DIY list.  I unsubscribed several months ago.  
The number of emails to read evry day were more than I had 
time for.  I miss the list.  I have had no work where I 
work and have been working on a couple of 
speculative projects.  The last week Ihave been getting my 
finances in order and extracting myslef from the stock 
market which may take a least a small tumble at year end.  
If it does, I will be in a verystrong cash position to take 
advantage of it, maybe making some money to make up for not 
working. But then again it may not fall.

Sooner or later I'll have some time and perhaps get back to 
Synth-DIY. Since I left I have made a couple of PC boards 
with surface mount parts, one a 112 pin microcomputer.  I 
may be selling a microcomputer board soon.

Recently I failed at sawing my left hand off at the wrist 
with a power saw.  I don't have the use of my fingers on my 
left hand for a few weeks while a repair job heals, but the 
fingers still work.  I was very lucky, actually more than 

Thanks again for thinking of me.  I hope to be back in the 

Gene Z.


    I wouldn't mind at all if you posted this to the list.

    My board will use the 68HC812A4.  A single RAM chip 
will give it 128K of RAM.  A flash chip will give it 512K 
of program space.  I'll sell the board with a small monitor 
already in the on-chip 4k EEPROM.  With all the code space 
it will be a good board to develop C++ code on.  The HC12 
runs with an 8MHz bus speed using a 16 Mhz clock.

    I designed the board as a giveaway for some 
microcompuer courses which I hope to give in the new 
millenium all around the states and Canada, but hopefully 
in the world.  There are a lot of Synth-DIYers that I would 
like to visit.

    The first Synth project I want to do with th HC12A4 is 
an N-channel linear to exponential converter. (The HC12 is 
full 16-bit).  I think I can come up with a clever enough 
algorithm for generating the exponential that I'll have 
more than enough time to generate M channels of an ADSR 
envelope generator. If I can keep the code to under 4K then 
the chip my itself is all that is needed.  Another 
alternative is the 84-pin HC12B32 with 32K of on chip flash.

    If this reaches the Synth list , hello to everybody out 

Gene Zumchak

Doug Tymofichuk
dougt at cancerboard.ab.ca

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