UK: rack units going spare

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Tue Nov 23 19:34:21 CET 1999

All (especially UK residents)

While sorting out at home I have unearthed a couple of rack cases.  They are
desk-top 19in racking cases, one 3U high, the other 6U high, in two-tone
beige/brown epoxy powder paint finish.  They are ideal for bolting together
effects, synth modules or home-brew analogue synths.

What do I want for them?  Current RS prices are 90 pounds for the 3U, and 144
pounds for the 6U one.  Make me an offer - a few pounds would be nice.  Both are
quite heavy, especially the larger one, so I would prefer the buyer to collect
(or pay lots of money to the postman).  And they do have a few scratches here
and there, but overall look quite good.

And no, they are not road-going flight cases, they are designed for housing rack
units in a laboratory or studio.


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