warped Minimoog Panal (was Re: anyone use plexiglass faceplates?)

James Husted jhusted at halcyon.com
Tue Nov 23 16:19:03 CET 1999

Watch it with the heat gun. Plexi doesnt need much in temp to bend. If you
were talking about a heat gun used for heat-shrink tubing, the output of
those is quite hi and can bubble thew plexi. Tow temp will work but still
might not fix your problem. Even though plexi does have a "memory" it
probably wont go back to where it was. You can try an electric oven at 150
deg or so and depending on the grade of plexi (some of the "scratch
resistant" plex has a higher softening point). After a while it will be soft
and you can try the squish-between approach (I would use thick glass ot
metal - no texture). The heatgun will work if watched closely. The advantage
there is that you can work on small areas and not the whole thing. A scary
thing to do no matter what. Some plastics don't react to heat well at all.
**Make sure it's plexiglass and not styrene or other plastics!!** If it's
molded at all (has legs or pegs or molded screw holes) it's almost shurely
NOT plexiglass.
James Husted
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> From: "Budweiser [FtS]" <budfts at eisa.net.au>
> Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 13:14:24 +1030
> To: "James Husted" <jhusted at halcyon.com>, <DCMagnuson at aol.com>,
> <synth-diy at mailhost.bpa.nl>
> Subject: warped Minimoog Panal (was Re: anyone use plexiglass faceplates?)
> This brings me to a problem with my Minimoog that I am restoring.
> The plastic panel that all the controls are set on, is slightly warped
> around
> the edges. I don't want to attack it just yet with a heat gun, I am thinking
> maybe the best thing to do is completely disassemble the panel and
> soke it in hot water or something?? Maybe squash the whole panel between
> 2 heavy peices of wood just after being heated with a heat gun?
> any ideas?
> ~bud
>> 4) under certain conditions, plex can be fragile - like after being cold.
>> Get to hot and it can warp (you can bent it very easily after holding over
> a
>> toaster for a while, or after its been in a oven for a little - good for
>> curve shapes).

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