linear portamento, minimoog style...

Mark Cornell cornellm.student at
Tue Nov 23 13:54:20 CET 1999


I'm planning my first DIY synth.
After looking at the Fatman, I thouht it was a bit
limited so looked at the 9700 series modules

I plan to build the Paia 9700 synth, as it comes,
and then expnad it as my knowledge increases, but
I really want to get that Rick Wakeman sound.

One of the suggestions I had was to use linear
portamento instead of exponetial.

Any ideas? I'm thinking along the lines of something
a thicko like me can understand, a ciruit and PCB
that I can stick together and work out by assemble,
instructions etc. It's how I learn best.

Mark Cornell
Ringwood School

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