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   Ok, couple of questions,

1) how much do you know about synths? (vcos/vcf/eg/etc)
2) What do want from a synth?
3) How good is your soldering?
4) How much spare time+Money do you have?

   All four of these effect what you should try.. many people
start with a kit like the PAiA fatman (
Its a monophonic Midi analog synth that you assemble yourself.
You get a fully working synth, with midi that sounds good and
that you built with easy to follow instructions. But you have to 
be fairly good with a soldering iron.

   Decide what you want from a synth, how much time you can
spare, beleive me this is on of THE most time consuming 
hobbies in the world..

   Most importantly , have fun and enjoy it.


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I am a complete beginner but am VERY keen on building myself a synth,...I have a
concept for something I would like to build and I am told that the best way to
start is to buy mnail-ordered circuits of ready made filters, oscillators
etc,...whether or not this is the best approach I am unsure,..I do not have any
problem going out to Maplin and picking up a load of bits and building them
myself, I say, I am very new to all this.

If anyone could offer me any advise, however small, it would be greatly



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