tempcos + silicone glue question

Harry Bissell harrybissell at prodigy.net
Tue Nov 23 08:19:57 CET 1999

I think there is a benefit for using epoxy and potting the expo and tempco. The
thermal mass will prevent rapid changes in temperature, and the whole mass will
probably keep the tranny and tempco near the same temperature.

OTOH, lose a transistor and you lose the $$$$ Tempco.

:^) Harry (potted mine) Bissell

Martin Czech wrote:

> :::I got to thinking about using silicone sealant the other day when at the auto
> :::parts store (a high-temp version of silicone sealant--I think it's called
> :::"RTV"--is used on the head gaskets of engines, etc.).  Will this stuff give
> :::adequate thermal conductivity?  If not, what other methods are recommended?  Or
> :::do I just  have to deal with goopy, yucky, hard-to-clean-off heatsink compound?
> I think the thermal behaviour of a good isolator will be.. isolating.
> There are some expoxy mixtures which use little metal particles, they
> are claimed to have good thermal conduction + electrical isolation.
> I didn't test this yet.
> I think it is not necessary to  put the whole transistor & tempco in a
> sea of heat conducting paste. Just where both bodies meet. Then it would
> be preferable to wrap a good thermal isolator arround it, so that the
> unwanted external heat resistance is very much larger then the wanted
> internal.
> This would be iomportatnbt for live gigs, in the studio the
> temperature may vary only a few degrees per session, once anything has
> warmed up, but isolation keeps the tempco "on the track".
> m.c.

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