warped Minimoog Panal (was Re: anyone use plexiglass faceplates?)

Budweiser [FtS] budfts at eisa.net.au
Tue Nov 23 03:44:24 CET 1999

This brings me to a problem with my Minimoog that I am restoring.

The plastic panel that all the controls are set on, is slightly warped
the edges. I don't want to attack it just yet with a heat gun, I am thinking
maybe the best thing to do is completely disassemble the panel and
soke it in hot water or something?? Maybe squash the whole panel between
2 heavy peices of wood just after being heated with a heat gun?

any ideas?


> 4) under certain conditions, plex can be fragile - like after being cold.
> Get to hot and it can warp (you can bent it very easily after holding over
> toaster for a while, or after its been in a oven for a little - good for
> curve shapes).

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