anyone use plexiglass faceplates?

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Mon Nov 22 17:18:43 CET 1999

Hello Dave -

I have used plexiglass sometimes, and always found that the plastic
scratched easily, and even with mounting on a solid case the panels tended
to bend a little when inserting and pulling out patch cords, which made the
whole thing seem less sturdy.  You can get much better rigidity from
aluminum panels of the same thickness or thinner, and you get shielding for
free, even though it's more difficult to see LEDs mounted on panels.  What
we really need is the Transparent Aluminum from Star Trek :).

Steve C

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> Subject: 	anyone use plexiglass faceplates?
> I had an idea this morning, and I was wondering if anyone has tried
> something 
> similar before.  I'd like to try using a plexiglass faceplate for my
> synth, 
> and have the panels engraved at a local shop.  I was then planning on 
> painting the inside of the face black, and backing them with a thin piece
> of 
> aluminum for shielding/grounding.
> My main goal is to edge-light the panels so they glow a little, and the 
> engraved lettering will glow brightly.  
> Think it'll work?  Any durability or scratching problems with plexi?  I
> plan 
> to mount a rigid enclosure behind the faceplate, so panel flexing
> shouldn't 
> be a problem.
> Thanks in advance
> Dave Magnuson
> Independent Music Site

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