Vacuum tube VCO with expo control.

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Hi Rene

Neon tube sensitivity to light is well known (well used to be...) The light gives some ionizing energy and lowers the potential.
There are some bulbs doped with a radioisotope that have much less sensitivity... but I forget which ones. I'll search the old catalogs...
But if I remember the NE-2 and NE-2H differed in this respect... don't remember which was which though...

What about neon aging as the cathodes decay... and limited life ??? does this mess up the expo conformity of just a pitch offset ???

Anyone up for revisiting the Unijunction Transistor

:^) Harry

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> Hi all. 
> You can find the schematics as well as a description at 
> -> VCO -> Vacuum Tube VCO
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