PIC power?

Andy Mucho andy at software-superstars.com
Mon Nov 22 14:45:52 CET 1999

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> you could easily do this, maybe have some spare time to
> do something funky with the data in the sram.

Low-Pass filter (1pole) on the delay feedback, that's always nice to have :)
Wet/Dry Mix Very handy.. 2 Muls..
Multiple Taps, even sexier :)
Shouldn't be too bad if you use a 4k Look-up table and break the multiply
into two 4x8bit muls.. Once you have the superfast multiply to hand, the
world is your oyster :)
I used to use a C64(1Mhz 6502, 2Mhz with the screen off, external 8bit
ADC/DAC) as a delay running at 16k, which gave me around 125 cycles
(typically 40 instructions) per sample to play with, and could pull off some
pretty funky stunts.. Though the basic delay with 2 taps could be pulled of
in much less than that.


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