DIY: Micromoog/Multimoog Oscillator "fault" correction

Caloroso, Michael E CalorosoME at
Mon Nov 22 12:57:38 CET 1999

> :::This lowers the cutoff frequency of the composite high pass filter formed by the input cap and associated impedances and results in better bass response.  NOW it's a decent bass synth.
> :::
> :::This should work for Multimoogs since they use the same board as the Micro.
> :::
> :::Sounds similar to what Juergen found in his OB-8...
> Does this mean the manufacturers deliberately weakened the bass response
> in some model to make other mdodels more preferable (higher price , too)?
> We do basically the same: we do one video chip, but severall options are
> not available due to special bonding, if you don't pay the full price.
Yes.  Yamaha has been a big violator of this for ages.  Every time a new keyboard is unveiled, they have smaller "crippled" models.  Roland also joined the fold.  I quit trying to keep track of these years ago.  I don't think this was deliberate of Moog, they didn't have near as many models but then again, the Micro was released about the same time as the Taurus I pedals.

The same for chips; remember the SX versions of 80386/486 chips with the crippled math coprocessor?

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