AW: anyone use plexiglass faceplates?

KA4HJH ka4hjh at
Mon Nov 22 07:06:36 CET 1999

>  > Use a cold cathode lamp, like a laptop. There are very small ones
>  > routinely available now. Rubbing something fluorescent into the
>  > grooves might make it brighter, but you still might have a problem in
>  > broad daylight.
>  >
>Do you know a source of this small lamps?

Jameco & All Electronics have them. I don't have a Marlin P. Jones 
catalog handy but they might.

They're made by JKL. The ultraviolet ones are 25, 50 & 100mm; the red 
and green ones are 100mm, and the white ones are 100-228mm. 3mm in 
diameter except for the colored ones which are 6mm. 12V DC power 

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