tempcos + silicone glue question

Paul R. Higgins higg0008 at tc.umn.edu
Sun Nov 21 23:25:03 CET 1999

I have a question that I haven't seen addressed during my (short) time on the 
list; can you use silicone glue/sealant to thermally couple a tempco to an expo 
transistor or array (e.g. 3046)?  I know that years ago ARP used to goop 
silicone heatsink compound on their expo circuit and then wrap a thin piece of 
copper around it to fasten the parts together (and to aid in heat transfer).  
I'm sure many list members have done the same.  However, heatsink compound is so
horribly messy, and it really never hardens.  I loathe using the stuff except 
when absolutely necessary.  

I got to thinking about using silicone sealant the other day when at the auto 
parts store (a high-temp version of silicone sealant--I think it's called 
"RTV"--is used on the head gaskets of engines, etc.).  Will this stuff give 
adequate thermal conductivity?  If not, what other methods are recommended?  Or 
do I just  have to deal with goopy, yucky, hard-to-clean-off heatsink compound?


Paul Higgins
email: higg0008 at tc.umn.edu
University College, University of Minnesota

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