anyone use plexiglass faceplates?

DCMagnuson at DCMagnuson at
Sun Nov 21 18:13:27 CET 1999

I had an idea this morning, and I was wondering if anyone has tried something 
similar before.  I'd like to try using a plexiglass faceplate for my synth, 
and have the panels engraved at a local shop.  I was then planning on 
painting the inside of the face black, and backing them with a thin piece of 
aluminum for shielding/grounding.

My main goal is to edge-light the panels so they glow a little, and the 
engraved lettering will glow brightly.  

Think it'll work?  Any durability or scratching problems with plexi?  I plan 
to mount a rigid enclosure behind the faceplate, so panel flexing shouldn't 
be a problem.

Thanks in advance

Dave Magnuson
Independent Music Site 

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