Tube Challenge!!

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sun Nov 21 03:20:03 CET 1999

At 07:54 PM 20/11/99 -0500, Dan Gendreau wrote:

>I remember from my college electronics days that you can emulate the
>bahavior of an inductor using an opamp and a capacitor. 

Hmmmmmm.. this is true, as far as it goes. And, this is what happens 
in your multiband eq.
But, in an inductor-filled EQ, a lot more is happening.. inductors are going
non-linear with
currents flowing through, they are saturating on AC peaks, there is 
any amount of winding capacitance etc etc. So, you might get something that
has better
specs tahan a Neve, but people who want a Neve will say it sounds differet,
and perhaps
thay will be right. 

hoping this doesn't become a religious argument,
paul perry Melbourne Australia (devil's advocate)

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