compressor schematics?

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Another source of info is EG&G - BUT -  I went to the site to nab some URLs
for the list and it turns out that they themselves have been nabbed by
Perkin Elmer!

Anyway, they still list Vactrols ( these are combo LED and Cadmium Sulfide
light sensitive resistor elements )

And their app notes have a couple of interesting schematics online
check out page three as well

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> Here are a few more compressor schematic links :
>  Well, OK, the compressor has gone from the last site, but a new 
>  improved one will be there soon. Also see the la-2a link for a 
>  CLASSIC circuit that you can still build.

Hello list,

I'm pretty good friends with Phil Stockhausen (the owner of the lxh2 site 
above).  He's building a model of his new compressor to send to me for 
evaluation.  He wants to get several of his friends to critically listen to 
the new design before he releases the schematic online.  I'll post my review

of it to the list when the time comes.

I don't expect to get my hands on the compressor for a little while.... but 
I'll be sure to let you know when I get one.  He claims that the unit is 
extremely transparent and very musical.  I'll keep you all posted

Dave Magnuson
Independent Music Site

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