warm & fuzzy?

tomg efm3 at mediaone.net
Sat Nov 20 06:56:02 CET 1999

>Looks nice
>I wonder how people find circuits like this - plugged a guitar into
>the wallwart jack of a stompbox by accident ? (only joking)
>Is there any description of the circuit, its history, its benefits ?
>How does it sound, 

Built as shown, it sounds like a fet preamp?? No distortion at all. 
It does pass audio though. I removed it and jumped the connection
without any change. Reversed the legs..no audio. Maybe he's 
using a bad 317. 
>and who's the first of us to build it and try it ?

That would be me.... I guess.

>Will it be available under a A-1xx number anytime soon ?? 


>(sorry about the last one (;->) )

It's okay...I probibly deserved that..... However I do have a
tom-ified Fuzz Face (uses 3904s) I put it side by side with
a real one and thought mine sounded better. I also have
a 3046 Big Muff that sounds just a little bit harder than
the original. I could get them together and put them under
effects... If someone wanted them. By the way that would 
be SB(stomp-box)1a and SB2a...;-)  I was working on a 
Heavy-Metal clone but I never finished It, not much time
for fuzz tones any more but there was a time I persued
them in the same fashion I now go after synthesizers.
It is possible that I have tried several hundred.
Before someone asks...I use the ProCo Rat whenever
I need massive distortion and the SeaMoon FreshFuzz
the rest of the time because it makes just about any
guitar amp act like it's got tubes in it.  In the studio I
use a Korg A5 multi effect box. Most of the effects are
pretty thin but the distortion is awesome and very quite.
I have RE'ed the Rat and FreshFuzz just in case I 
broke one and had to fix them or build another.

The ultimate fuzz box IMHO is the Kitty Hawk (4 x 12ax7a)  
tube preamp. Drop tune your guitar a step,  plug into a 
good tube amp (read Marshall) and the world tilts just a little 
on those low power chords. The preamp section of the Merlin 
guitar amp is based on this one.


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