PIC assembly.

Roy Tate roytate at ionet.net
Sat Nov 20 06:05:44 CET 1999

> >[Someone else wrote]
> >the Assembler looks like a
> >nightmare and doesnt run at 1 instruction per clock cycle

>At 09:24 PM 11/19/99, Bill Layer wrote:
>I'm not sure where you got that information, but the Microchip PICs that I 
>am familiar with all run at 1 instruction per cycle. There are several 
>instructions that do require 2 cycles, but they can be avoided within the 
>timing loops required for midi or other audio firmwares.

Actually, the trick is that the PIC defines a cycle as 4 clock oscillations.
If you'll look at the PIC16F84 datasheet on page 10, you'll notice that the
osc. line wiggles 4 times before the program counter (instruction pointer)
increments.  I think that's where they are coming from.


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