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Sat Nov 20 00:12:32 CET 1999

At 08:14 19.11.99 -0600, Bill Layer wrote:

>The interaction fear stemms from the fact that it is a little harder to
>regulate a 400-600V circuit than a 12V circuit in a world of 7812-like 

Its a bit harder, but not impossible with devices like 1000V power MOSFETs.
There is a nice circuit in the Art of Electronics that shows how to make a 
*regulated* high voltage supply. This would be premium for audio circuits. 

>In an audio circuit, it is not uncommon to have several progressive stages
>all powered off of the same supply, or at least decoupled nodes of the same

I often saw a chain of about 10k/10uF resistors and caps. The most filtered
supply to the most sensitive tube (usually the input stage).
The DC-impedance will likely be higher than for a regulated low voltage


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