compressor schematics?

Edu Silva edusilva at
Fri Nov 19 22:33:51 CET 1999

I wrote:
> One of the best sounding guitar comps is the MXR Dynacomp. I've tried it
> with lots of instruments and "noise-making" things, and it woked fine.
> There are many copies if it on the net. Try these sites:

Sorry, my mistake: no dynacomp schem at these two, but the third one
frightened me:


This is what I found there:

                  "Sorry, can't have schematics :(

                  It turns out that a few people didn't
                  like the idea of non-profit
                  organization giving away free
                  material to people and have forced
                  us to remove their schematics from
                  our page.  To protect ourselves from
                  further harassment, we have
                  temporarily (or permanantly,
                  depends on what we come up with)
                  removed the schematics pages.  We
                  are working on some ideas to bring
                  them back in some form if we can.  
                  Only time will tell...

                  If you have any comments or
                  questions about this, please e-mail
                  me  mailto:dan at  

Gulp !!

I have the MXR Dynacomp schem, and it's now avaliable for download at my

click on "donwloads"

Hope that don't happens to me too!! :(

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