possible tempco with KTY81

Ian Fritz ijfritz at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 19 15:46:21 CET 1999

Rene --

OK, I see how you are doing it. I was using (R1-R2)/R2. Not a big deal.
(I understood the dot vs comma convention, but the discrepancies are
bigger than the roundoff error).


Rene Schmitz wrote:
> Hi Ian, Martin and Everyone!
> Ian, you're right. Now I see it, too! To get a measure for compensation I
> would have to calculate the error of the uncompensated case and compare it
> to the partly compensated case. Like you did here.
> >I may not have understood how you did your calculations, as I can't get
> >col 4 from cols 2 and 3.
> I did it as I said: ((R2(T)-R1(T))/2340)*100
> There may be roundoff errors, since it was calculated to more significant
> digits initially, the values for R1 were rounded afterwards. If you want to
> recalculate: R1(T)= (2340ohms/298.15K) * T, R2 derived from the datasheet.
> A possible confusing thing is that the "," is the decimal point in Germany!
> So 1.712,13 is 1712.13
> Bye
>  René
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