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Fri Nov 19 15:04:39 CET 1999

Hey all,

(Gearing up for this winter's tube challenge)

>My point is, if they can do it, I'd like to know if anyone here might want
>to go in with me on ordering a batch.  We can probably save money by
>pooling our orders.

This type of service has long been available to members of the Antique 
Radio community. There is a simple plastics casting process that allows one 
to make a mold of a part in silicone rubber (I believe) and then recast it 
in plastic. I have seen one-off repro knobs that were literally perfect 
knock-offs. One particular part that comes to mind is the knob on the font 
of the Collins Radio sets... A fellow in town reproduces them with amazing 
results, and for peanuts. I've also seen complete sets for Philco 
Cathederal Radios in brown..

If this is the process they are using, I'm sure it is worth what they ask. 
I have an Atari Video Music Box that I am restoring, and I intend to call 
on these guys to make me a little beige insert for one of the push buttons..

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