warm & fuzzy?

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at nbgm.siemens.de
Fri Nov 19 13:17:02 CET 1999

Looks nice

I wonder how people find circuits like this - plugged a guitar into
the wallwart jack of a stompbox by accident ? (only joking)
Is there any description of the circuit, its history, its benefits ?
How does it sound, and who's the first of us to build it and try it ?
Will it be available under a A-1xx number anytime soon ?? 
(sorry about the last one (;->) )


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> OK here's the DIY ckt of the month 
> (or should that be DWI?)
> http://home.i1.net/~joe1/317dist.gif
> this showed up on Aron Nelson's Stompbox Forum
> paul perry Melbourne Australia

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