compressor schematics?

Paul Perry pfperry at
Fri Nov 19 05:06:30 CET 1999

At 01:27 PM 19/11/99 +1030, Budweiser [FtS] wrote:

>someone who was using a Serge system as a compressor
>(kind of overkill). I would just like to know how they work, and
>what sort of basic circuitry makes them up (vca's?). 

Basically, you have an envelope follower.
You invert the envelope & use it to control a VCA, so that
as the envelope increases, the gain decreases, and your signal is..

Look for guitar fx ckts.. plenty of compressor ckts on the net.
But, if I wanted one, I'd use the R.G.Keen 'quick&dirty' compressor,
it's just one AD chip and a few knobs. The Tom Henry book on using the
NE570 has everything you need too.

paul perry melb australia

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