Tube challenge!

Doug Tymofichuk dougt at
Thu Nov 18 23:06:34 CET 1999

Hello, everyone!

A while ago I sent out a challenge for information on 
building tube synths. I did not receive a lot of responses, 
but the few that I did receive were VERY encouraging. Thank 
you to those that helped with their suggestions and 
assistance! (You know who you are!) Therefore, I have 
decided to do some experimentation and hopefully eventually 
build a modular vacuum tube synth. This will be a 
percussion synth that I will work on in parallel to the 
solid state percussion synth that I have started. And yes I 
will be making some comparisons as I go along.

I also stated that I would like to see more dialog on tube 
stuff on this forum. So to start this off, a power supply 
question. Do you think it would be better to build 
individual HV supplies for each module, or one BIG supply 
to run the whole thing? By the way, power supplies for tube 
equipment seem to be quite simple and easy to build, so I 
think it's a valid question.

Thanks in advance!
Doug Tymofichuk
dougt at

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