possible tempco with KTY81

Rene Schmitz uzs159 at uni-bonn.de
Thu Nov 18 17:40:16 CET 1999

At 10:05 18.11.99 +0100, Martin Czech wrote:
>My understanding of your measurement is:

Well not a measurement for the wirewound actually.

>R1(T)=-14.7Ohm+7.9Ohm/K*T (T in Kelvin, T0 40C)
>yes, right through the origin (almost)

Crosses within 2 degrees! Nice!

>(this is your wirewound?)

The "wirewound" is a theoretical 2.34K tempco. I've used -273.15 degrees 
as the absolute zero. The values were calculated by 2340/298.15 ohms*K^-1 *T 
so it should go straight thru the origin, with a slope of roughly 7.85ohm*K^-1

>I aggree with this part, what else can I do? ;->

For me it took the last bit of doubt away, and shows a theoretical 
prediction for what I found in practice.



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