Tom Henry Tunable Noise Source

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Thu Nov 18 08:14:10 CET 1999

:::Isn't it true that "white noise" describes the spectral distribution
:::and not the probability distribution?
AFAIK shot noise has also white spectra, but it has severall level
of current (it means the current has a dc component, and "shots",
ie. step like switching to another level, some sources have two, others
dozends of such quantized levels). Shot noise is due to charge trapping
in semiconductors, the reverse biased diode junction is one example,
excactly this circuit is used for our "white noise" analog sources.

So the probability density is not uniform, but has peaks at the prefered
current step levels.

A flat spectrum means flat magnitude, ie. information loss, because
phase was dropped. I don't know if spectras of resistor white noise
and shot noise look the same in this respect.


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