possible tempco with KTY81

Martin Czech martin.czech at intermetall.de
Thu Nov 18 08:07:17 CET 1999

:::UNLESS R(T0)=C1*T0, which I believe is pretty close for the wirewound
:::Q81. (Terry Michaels showed some results from a Q81 spec sheet once, but
:::I don't have them any more.) Different kinds of tempco's would have to
:::be checked separately.

This would mean R(0)=0, T0=0.  This is nearly true (superconduction).
The texts I've seen so far assume something different (at least I
understood it that way), because for higher temperature even pure
metalls get nonlinear (light bulb), but this is of course out of our
region of interest (with exception of stage light, where incandescent
lamps are always pre-heated, to avoid "cold current", which can be 10x
normal current).


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