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Thu Nov 18 07:14:55 CET 1999

Y-ellow Y'all.
	I refuse to say "OT". Oh damn I just did!

NE 1 have a circuit to a Sony walkperson WM-FX305 by any chance. This thing
is really starting to piss me off. It's auto-reverse, dolby, all that
stuff, but always when playing side A, it's off to one side. This seems to
be a common thing with Sony gear. I have a deck in the studio like that as

I don't think it's head-alignment. I think it's something not right with
the pre-amps. When it reverses and plays side-B it's pretty much fine. It
has 4 head gaps and 4 pre-amps presumably. When it switches to the side-A
pre-amps, the thing goes a-skew. It could do with running a little faster
as well. I've checked the heads and chased down all the usual suspects but
I can't find anything obvious.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

be absolutely Icebox.

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