ASM-1 Parts

Troy Sheets tsheets at
Thu Nov 18 01:25:48 CET 1999

I have a parts-list that is cross-referenced with Mouser Electronics part
The only thing Mouser did not have was the MAT-02 transistors, which I
got from Digi-key.

I could fax this list to you if you are interested...


> Hi,
> I've been on this list for a while lurking in the background, silently
> absorbing everyone's wisdom. I now have a question to ask that I am sure
> will be followed by many more.
> I am about to attempt the ASM-1 synth from Gene Stopp and I would like
> to know where other people on this list have gotten the rarer parts that
> are needed. Is there an archive that I can check that would have this
> already discussed?
> Thanks in advance
> David

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