MAD1108 - CAM update

tomg efm3 at
Thu Nov 18 00:10:36 CET 1999

I picked up a couple of MAD1108 diode arrays at
to try in the diode filters. I did the CAM vcf6 first because it was still
on the board. This worked pretty well so I'll change the pcb so you
can plug them in or use separate diodes. As long as I was there I
made a few small changes to the filter.  I like it better?

The main reason I got the mad1108s was for the ms50 diode ring.
The cv-click is gone. The range is better and it sounds smoother.
It's not as dangerous as it was, the limiting diodes help a lot. I
tried a pair of green leds but settled on 1n914s. Even though 
it's better I still don't think it's worth the trouble. The ms20-ota is 
still the one if you don't want to build the transistor ladder.  But
here it is if you want to build one to see for yourself. 

Note: U1 is a LM324, U2  is an LM741. Do NOT try to substitute. 
It probably won't work and you will have wasted your time.

The MAD1108 is available from
rs# 900-6223 $2.46 each.

When I made my comment about being proud of the new diode 
ladder. I am, I still prefer the ms20-ota and the transistor ladder,
but hey if you've got the panel space it's nice to have it all. After
all more is always more.....;-)

And speaking of more how many of you want more vco4s. I 
could include them on the CAM run if there were 10 or more.
I might even include a few "Harry" mods. VCO4Es anyone?
I will continue to use the 3046 though, no MAT-02s here, but
maybe a more proper an299 style heater. 

Note: We might have to change a resistor here or there but 
all CAM series modules will run at +/-12 or +/-15Vs. 
I should confirm orders tonight, as soon as I figure out what
we are actually going to run. Right now I'm  thinking  we run 
them all. Thank you all for playing. 


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