percussion ribbon controller

Dan Slater dslater at
Wed Nov 17 22:31:35 CET 1999

See the Marimba Lumina designed by Don Buchla as an example of a percussive
instrument that is sensitive to both a specific color coded mallet and to
the impact position of the mallet on a particular key. You can have up to 4
mallets simultaneously on the same key and the ID, velocity, and
longitudinal position of each mallet is simultaneously and correctly
determined. This is achieved through the use of a patent pending RF
transponder scheme.

Dan Slater
(Disclaimer: I work at Nearfield Multimedia, the site listed above)

"Scibona, Joe" wrote:

> You could put a trigger device on each mallet to distinguish them...etc.
> ---------------------
> > At 10:04 PM 16/11/99 -0800, David Halliday wrote:
> > >You are only going to use one mallet????
> > >thinking about it  :)
> > >
> > ooops, I see what you mean!
> > But, there are a lot of good MONOsynths out there.. ;-)
> >
> > paul perry Melbourne Australia
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