AW: percussion ribbon controller (Rainer Burkhard)

Dr. Jörg Schmitz JSchmitz at
Wed Nov 17 17:54:57 CET 1999

I just read the E-mail from Rainer B.
Yes, thats exactly what I thought !
To use three sensors (one at each end, sensing the position, 
one in the middle for the trigger) is a little modification, but
you need the S&H nevertheless, because you have to sample the peak
voltage of the two opposite sensors and take the difference.

But I just found one problem : the difference between the two signals
depends not only on the position where you hit, but also on the strength
or velocity, you hit the plate (or square or rod).
With a J.H. morphing controller, you will get different channels on the
same position, depending on how fast you will hit....

> > a rod, fixed at the ends.
> > A piezo sensor at each end.
> > Hit the rod.
> > By considering the difference in time for the impact to
> > reach the 2 ends, you know exactly where it was hit.
> > And, by adding the amplitudes of the sounds at the ends,
> > probably a pretty good idea of the loudness.
> > 
> > Go to it, O PIC masters.
> > And, feel free to extend to a plate structure for
> > an XY percussion controller.
> you should try it analog first
> the first pulse should start charging a capacitor, the second one
> trigger a sample + hold.
> the problem is, the order of the pulses depends on where you hit the
> rod, left or right from the center.
> --
Dr. J. Schmitz

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