re-re-re percussion ribbon...

Dr. Jörg Schmitz JSchmitz at
Wed Nov 17 11:31:17 CET 1999

>No, seriously, he used enamaled (sp?) wire wound carefully on the string,
>then grinding paper (very fine) to deisolate a little trace.
>I remember that he said that this is very sensitive.

Sorry for the late response on "percussion ribbon controler", we had some 
major problems with our e-mail-server.

Yes, Martin is right, and both strings work fine. But I think for percussion
it would be better to take a ribboncontroller-like device.
A string is not so "handy".

Wouldn't it be possible to take 4 little pieco-speaker, place them at the
corners of a wooden square (for example, could be plastic, too) and then
measure the differences of peak output voltage between two opposite corners
while hitting the square on a special position ?
This should give you the x-y-position on the square.
The piecos should go through a peak detector, for example, and this signal  
should pass a sample-and-hold, triggered by a 5th pieco, which is more
than the other 4.This trigger should activate the "hold" some ms after the
The difference between diagonal piecos should give a voltage which defines
the position on the diagonal.
This voltage could be splitted up with a device like Jürgen Haibles Morphing
controller into several channels (In this case it would be better to get
an "on-off"-signal), which leads to (lets say) 4 distinct regions in the X
and another 4 regions in the Y-Axis, which leads to 16 Channels (or rhythm
instruments) on ONE WOODEN SQUARE.

Ha, I have to try that !!


Dr. J. Schmitz

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