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   As has been said the rx7 is a drum machine, if it is a tx7
this has midi and is a module version of the dx7. BTW the rx7
also has midi but not for playing tunes on :-)

  I dont know about the PSR-12, most 'home' keyboards seem
to have a midi in/out socket on the back.. if it doesn't then you
will need to get it modified and this may cost more than buying
a new synth... piece of advice, never get rid of any keyboards you
own, I made this mistake (including selling an ARP odessey for 
250ukp, ok I know mistake but I was young and stupid) and its
something I will never do again.

  Good luck.


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 Please don't flame me for asking these questions, i mean no harm.... 
I own a Yamaha PSR-12 FM synthesis keyboard. 
it is the sort that cannot be programmed, it just has preset sounds and
rhythms. I want to know if it is possible to connect an FM-based synth to MIDI,
or a schematic of this useless peice of shite.. 
Also, has anyone heard of, or is Robin Whittle? i have a Yamaha RX-7, which
seems to be FM and has midi on it, and has been modified (assumed from the
sticker underneath) by Robin Whittle of Real World Interfaces in Victoria,
Australia. I reckon he is one of the only who can help me. 
Any FM-synth DIY lists? 

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