percussion ribbon controller

Rainer Burkhardt rbur at
Wed Nov 17 09:22:28 CET 1999

David Halliday schrieb:

> a rod, fixed at the ends.
> A piezo sensor at each end.
> Hit the rod.
> By considering the difference in time for the impact to
> reach the 2 ends, you know exactly where it was hit.
> And, by adding the amplitudes of the sounds at the ends,
> probably a pretty good idea of the loudness.
> Go to it, O PIC masters.
> And, feel free to extend to a plate structure for
> an XY percussion controller.

you should try it analog first
the first pulse should start charging a capacitor, the second one
trigger a sample + hold.
the problem is, the order of the pulses depends on where you hit the
rod, left or right from the center.

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