New Sequencer Design

Grant Richter grichter at
Wed Nov 17 09:21:25 CET 1999

I put up a small blurb on the Wiard "Arpulator" sequencer.
This is a dual row 16 step sequencer with voltage controlled stage
selection and per step programmable quantizer modes.

This is a cross between a ARP 1613, Buchla "MARF" and TB-303.
The programmable modes are:

Rest (No Gate output for that step)
Octave Down (transpose step down one octave)
Octave Up (transpose step up one octave)
Accent (generate a trigger pulse for that step)
Slide (turn on portamento for that step)
Reset (loop sequence at that step)

The pitch controls are quantized to 16 semitones.
The programmer is just an A/D converter driving a
small diode matrix to decode the four bits into
six outputs. A LED is lit if that option is programmed
for that step. Quite a light show when everything
is running.

It's on the Wiard site under the Latest News link.

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