Tom Henry Tunable Noise Source

Grant Richter grichter at
Wed Nov 17 05:20:54 CET 1999

> ?
> (3) How is the pattern (distribution ?) of a Sample and Hold changed when
>       you're sampling a white-noise-FMed VCO instead of sampling the
>       directly ?

I can answer this one for certain.

White noise has a gaussian (bell shaped)
probability distribution relative to amplitude.
The further from zero volts the lower the
probability of getting a sample.

A triangle of sawtooth wave sampled from
a VCO modulated by white noise has and
equal probability distribution. All voltage levels
have equal probability of being sampled.

On an ARP Odyssey you will notice the
mixer input to the sample and hold has
both white noise and Osc 1 sawtooth
for input.

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