Doepfer MS-404

jhaible jhaible at
Wed Nov 17 02:23:29 CET 1999

>   Thanks.. nice to see an ovened 3046 log convertor, Im amazed
> to see a moog ladder filter in there, wouldn't this kinda annoy bob?

You can bet that it annoyed the competitors of Doepfer (and their friends,
speaking for myself that is) when he built this Moog-style ladder
into his synth and (supported by the German KEYS magazine)
claimed that there is no difference between a Moog ladder and a
TB303 filter at all (other than Roland allegedly had used cheaper
high tolerance components), thus pushing his synth into a better
market position during the time of 303 craze.

(to Christian: *this* is what started my negative feelings towards D.)


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