Doepfer MS-404

Rene Schmitz uzs159 at
Wed Nov 17 02:36:34 CET 1999

Hi all!

To put this clearly: A large percentage of DDs circuits are indeed
"inspired" by other well known circuits. To me there is nothing wrong with
that. Provided the circuits 
are public knowledge. We all do that most of the time. And nothing keeps us 
from going commercial with these designs. Imagine someone would produce a
up 404 (add a second VCO, and make the uC a PIC) named something-405. It
would be extremely difficult to say to whom the design belongs. Doepfer,
Moog, someone else?! 

>P.S. A Moog filter transistor ladder tattoo might be nice, but a bit too
>complicated (although it would fit nicely along one's neck). Probably a
>single artful transistor or opamp tattoo would look better.

Tattoo plotters anyone? ;->


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