The Thomas Henry cookbooks

Paul R. Higgins higg0008 at
Wed Nov 17 00:47:32 CET 1999

As long as we're on the subject of Tom Henry's books, I'd really like to have a 
copy of his "Electronic Music Circuits" cookbook, which I foolishly put off 
buying until it was out of print!  I do have his handbook on the NE570 compander
as well as the "Electronic Drum Cookbook", and they're both great.  The only one
of the three he still carries is "Making Music with the NE570 Compander".


> > It is a short book.  If  you want I can copy what you need out of mine i.
> I don't think Tom would mind, it's all available as articles.
> Great idea!! How about putting a scanned version of the book on a website
> (with the author's permission)?? Or is there anybody who wants to sell it?

Paul Higgins
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