Doepfer MS-404

Sean Costello costello at
Tue Nov 16 22:21:55 CET 1999

tomg wrote:

> You're right René. Sorry... My apologies to Doepfer. I don't have a leg
> to stand on and should shut up. I'm sure he's a good guy who delivers
> a good product. I'm not sure why I was so mean spirited. I may have
> gone tribal....(You know...He's not one of "us") or something equally as
> stupid......Sorry!

Hey, Tom, very nicely stated. "Gabba gabba we accept you gabba gabba one
of us!" :)

One other word in Dieter Doepfer's defense: How many other synth
manufacturers put their schematics on their web sites, for us to pick
over?  By this, I mean your average commercial synth manufacturers, not
the nice folks on this list who offer PC boards - BTW, Tom, your new

Sean Costello

P.S. A Moog filter transistor ladder tattoo might be nice, but a bit too
complicated (although it would fit nicely along one's neck). Probably a
single artful transistor or opamp tattoo would look better.

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