Doepfer MS-404

tomg efm3 at
Tue Nov 16 21:25:24 CET 1999

>Please! We all take the stuff we do for granted, but there
>is actually very little that cannot be traced to the work of others.
>But there is still a difference between copying something which has become
>"public domain", or something which is unique and the hard work of one

You're right René. Sorry... My apologies to Doepfer. I don't have a leg
to stand on and should shut up. I'm sure he's a good guy who delivers
a good product. I'm not sure why I was so mean spirited. I may have
gone tribal....(You know...He's not one of "us") or something equally as

What do you guys think about a DIY tattoo, or maybe a nose-ring???
Ok I'm done now...;-)


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