More on leadless Modular

Andy Main mainas at
Tue Nov 16 19:19:56 CET 1999

Hi all,

I'm continuing with my virtual leads idea, however I need some help with
minimising the amount of x-switches required to do the job.  If anyone can
reply off list to me with as many patch configs as they like for the
following modules as I don't have a modular (I use a Yamaha AN1x at the
mo)and I don't know whether users like to patch say the LFO to more than one


2 VCOs (CV, FM, PWM, sync in/out, sine, saw, pulse, tri - as per tomg's

1 LFO (sine, saw, square)

1 VCF (CV, signal, bp, notch, lp, hp)

2 ADSRs (gate in/out)

2 VCAs (sig, cv)

Anyway greatly appreciate any help.

mainas at

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