Doepfer MS-404

Rene Schmitz uzs159 at
Tue Nov 16 19:25:37 CET 1999

At 10:32 16.11.99 -0500, tomg wrote:
>Not much originality 

Right, I knew the circuit from EFM ;-)  In principle most circuits can 
be traced down to one of the older manufacturers. I wouldn't expect to find
something unusual inside a 90's analog synth. 

>He' s got Paul's Rogue/MG1 vcos, the an299 heater ,Bob's 
>ladder and he probably bought the rights to somebody else's midi
>interface. I suspect this is a prevailing theft...uhhh... theme in all 
>Doepfer products.

Please! We all take the stuff we do for granted, but there 
is actually very little that cannot be traced to the work of others. 
But there is still a difference between copying something which has become
"public domain", or something which is unique and the hard work of one 

>Well the only
>surprise here is the fact that he took so much liberty with the
>work of others. I've never heard a 404 but I'll bet it does a nice
>tb303 which is also close to Moog robbery, but a least Roland
>had the courtesy to do something original with it.

Well it's intended as a 303 clone, substitute would be the better word. 
The sound isn't very close to it. A feature of the 404 is that the LFOs 
(Its got two: one for PWM/FM and one for the filter) can go up into the 
audio range, makeing strange textural sounds. 


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