midi turntable

James Husted jhusted at halcyon.com
Tue Nov 16 17:56:32 CET 1999

I've read on the alternative MAX site about a device to sync a sampler to a
turntable allowing "scraching" samples. It may be adapted for what you want.
Here's the blurb:

FinalScratch offers physical, digital scratching for DJ's
N2iT of Holland has constructed an ingenious system for allowing the tactile
response of a turntable to scratch digital audio (and video?) The product
"FinalScratch" consists of a specially encoded vinyl record which contains a
millisecond accurate pulse signal instead of music, then a small preamp box
that gets the signal into your computer at just the right level, and finally
software which allows one to link the pulse signal to any digital file -
(mp3 seems to be their file format of choice) -- the only drawback is that
the software is currently only for the BeOS, which G3 owners are lamenting
because Be is unable to further develop BeOS for the G3 processor. Perhaps
N2iT or some other enterprising developer will port the software to the Mac,
or perhaps OSX. 

Sounds pretty wild.

James Husted
The Ersatz Planet 
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> Subject: midi turntable
> has anyone given any thought to this idea?  it could be controlled maybe
> by c*mp*t*r.
> also, as a cheap alternative to a parallel port I/O relay module, one
> could use midi to control lighting at an event. you know what that
> means... midi syncable lighting!
> thankyou all in advance for not sending flamemail for this stupid idea.

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