Doepfer MS-404

tomg efm3 at
Tue Nov 16 16:32:50 CET 1999

>  Its funny, looking at this and then at some of the designs from
>people on the list, just how good some of our circuits are and
>how easy they would be to put into production.

Evidently Doepfer thought so too, ask JH!....  Not much originality 
there.He' s got Paul's Rogue/MG1 vcos, the an299 heater ,Bob's 
ladder and he probably bought the rights to somebody else's midi
interface. I suspect this is a prevailing theft...uhhh... theme in all 
Doepfer products.

Not that I could do much better...but I didn't put it into production
did I? Somebody said the difference between someone who is
smart and a genius is.... A smart person will find a solution you
think you could have thought of. A genius will catch you 
completely by surprise with his original thinking. Well the only
surprise here is the fact that he took so much liberty with the
work of others. I've never heard a 404 but I'll bet it does a nice
tb303 which is also close to Moog robbery, but a least Roland
had the courtesy to do something original with it.


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