[synth-diy] Sorta OT: health risks

Martin Czech martin.czech at intermetall.de
Tue Nov 16 09:35:13 CET 1999

:::Not really on-topic, but relevant, and this crowd oughta know -
:::Are there any documented long-term health risks from chronic low-level
:::exposure to solder, flux fumes, and the other incidenta of do-it-yourself

Well , I think everyone experineces that the fumes are quite agressive.
There are special fans with absorber on the market, or 
vacuum things ready to mount near the solder tip (expensive).

Perhaps put the cheaper fan into a box with a flexible pipe to the solder
tip. The next mechanical project ?

Pb and Sn are heavy metals, and known to be toxic and that they accumulate.

I try to open the window when soldering.


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